Please read these conditions for the use of a bouncy castle (or similar equipment) in conjunction with the Over & Nether Compton Memorial Hall Conditions of Hire.


For clarity where we refer to "a bouncy castle" in these conditions this includes any inflatable equipment.


We recommend all hirers refer to the government health and safety advice on the hiring and operation of bouncy castles: https://www.hse.gov.uk/entertainment/bouncy-castles-safety-advice.htm


For safety reasons the use of a bouncy castle at the hall is subject to the following additional terms and conditions:


1. The hall Management Committee and Trustees accept no liability for any injury or loss however caused by the use of a bouncy castle brought onto the hall grounds.


2. Use of a bouncy castle is allowed outside in the grounds only, no bouncy castle is allowed to be used inside the hall premises.


3. Only one bouncy castle may be used within the hall grounds at any one time.


4. The hirer must confirm at the time of their initial booking of the hall that they intend to use a bouncy castle at their event.


5. The hirer must provide the Bookings Secretary with a copy of the bouncy castle supplier's Public Liability Insurance (£5,000,000 minimum indemnity) for the bouncy castle equipment and the installation and removal of such equipment from the hall grounds no later than two weeks before the hire date.


6. The hirer must obtain their own Personal Public Liability Insurance to cover the use of a bouncy castle at their hall event (the hall insurance will not provide cover for this) and provide a copy to the Bookings Secretary no later than two weeks before the hire date.


7. The hirer, as the 'responsible adult' for their event, must ensure the supplier's instructions and conditions on the safe use of the bouncy castle are observed at all times.


8. The hirer must agree to abide by these supplementary conditions for the use of a bouncy castle and provide the written insurance documentation required in items 5. and 6. above at least two weeks bofre the hire date. The hall Management Committee reserve the right to cancel the booking if these conditions are not met.


Please note that you will be required to sign a copy of these supplementary conditions in addition to signing the normal hire conditions if using a bouncy castle.