We very much hope you enjoy your event at the hall. The following is to help your booking to go as smoothly as possible:


  1. The Hirer is deemed the “Responsible Person” and is designated as being the person in charge of the Hall during the hire period.

  2. Do you intend to use a bouncy castle or other inflatable device? Yes/No If Yes please read our supplementary conditions relating to the use of such.

  3. Cars are parked at the owners risk. The car park is unsuitable for HGV.

  4. The Hall’s Safeguarding Policy is displayed in the Hall, please refer to it as appropriate.

  5. The Hall capacity is limited to 65 sitting or 130 standing.

  6. It is your responsibility to read the fire evacuation policy (on the noticeboard inside the Hall) and be aware of the three fire exits.

  7. A 3 Phase electricity supply from the Hall to a marquee is available.

  8. Instructions for the cooker, disabled toilet alarm and all appliances are kept in a folder in the kitchen.

  9. To have hot water for the toilets and kitchen please turn on the plug socket in the top of the base cupboard to the left of the sink unit. Please turn off again before leaving the Hall.

  10. Please do not switch off or change the settings on the Hall heaters.

  11. When leaving the Hall please ensure:

  • All lights are switched off and all windows are closed.

  • The 3 fire doors (kitchen, storeroom and Hall internal door) and the kitchen fire shutter are closed.

  • As the Hall is only cleaned once a week, please ensure all doorhandles, light switches and areas that have been touched often are cleaned before leaving.

  • Rubbish from ALL bins is taken from the Hall as we do not have a collection service.

  • All doors are locked.  

  1. The Hall does not hold a TV Licence and therefore the watching or recording of any live TV channels or watching previously downloaded content on BBC iPlayer is not allowed.
  2. Please return the key to the keyholder as soon as you finish, either in person or post through their letter box.
  3. Any bookings cancelled within 48 hours notice will be charged in FULL.


Please note you will be asked to sign a copy of these conditions when hiring the hall.